Monday, December 28, 2009

When life hands you lemons...

Bitch and mope about it until you feel better...OR until the freaking life lesson appears magically and changes your perspective. I'm a moper. Yep, and a bitcher.(pat myself on the back...I'm so proud!) Totally true and shameful I admit. My only saving grace is the fact that I do it all, or most of it (roughly 95.63895% hehehe) internally! WARNING: I could possibly at ANY moment cumbust from the frightening tension of all the bitching and moping going on inside my head/heart right now!!! Now that you've been fairly warned please be reassured that I really am, for the most part, a really easy-go-lucky type of a girl!! Really, I am. But on those, rare occasions that something in my life goes wrong or seems unfair, my first response is to feel jipped. Like I'm this poor, little victim and life is SOOOOOO unfair. Boo, frickin, hoo Acacia!!! SERIOUSLY!?! Seriously, life could be sooooooooooooo much worse. And I know that...I do! And I drive myself crazy, all the time with all this internal bitching and moping....grrrr!

**Thought...I may be on the brink of my above mentioned freaking life lesson!**

Maybe this is the point in my life where I realize this weak, annoying self trait and I take a deep breath, suck it up and stop feeling like a victim. Poor me, I wasn't a Daddy's girl...over, done w/ and can't change it. What I can do is make sure I have as good of a relationship w/ my Dad as I can and appreciate it. Poor me, nobody told me marriage would suck...SO?!?!? I can deal w/ it or SHUT the EFF up right?? RIGHT!!! Poor me, I drive a mini van and would rather drive a volvo...but I have a vehicle, therefore I am thankful...mostly w/ only a hint of resentment that I was given no choice over my vehicle situation...only a hint!! ;) Poor me, I'm so bitchy and mopey...why can't I be all sunshine and butterflies like so and so...Huh?!?!? Insert tmi here...found out I've got a hormonal imbalance...I know, sounds FUN doesn't it? Not the, I'm depressed, blue, sad, type of imbalance...but the I can't lose those 10 sticky lbs, face like a 16 yr old boy, cysts on my ovaries type of imbalance. Appointment w/ specialist (oooo fancy!!) pending...I probably wont update y'all but you never know! So anyways, sarcasm and strong, angry undertones aside...I really do know that life could be worse! And I REALLY do appreciate my fantastic friends, my warm house, my cuddly, PERFECTLY PERFECT new puppy Lincoln, my funny family, my tear ducts for releasing some of this "whoa is me" salty sentiment...I really do acknowledge my utter blessings in the form of my three beautiful, healthy, smart, fabulously wonderful children!!! And just fyi...lemons really had nothing to do w/ this blog lol...but I needed a title and you all got the point now didn't you!! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am...

Cold So, so very cold! And soooo very over this time of year already. Go ahead, call me a scrooge. I think, for now at least, it's befitting...sad to say.

Sleepy Tired actually of so many things. Like, being cold. And christmas music, and below freezing temps, and hearing every other day that it's going to snow soon...NOOOOO! Please, for the love of all things holy, DO NOT snow. (I can hear all of you yelling "SCROOGE"'s ok!)

BUT...I am also...

Thankful for my cozy boots that save my poor toes from freezing because I would refuse to wear tennis shoes and still be wearing flip flops dispite the above mentioned below freezing temps. (I'm also thankful for run-on-sentences...they make my life so much easier!) Also in this category...I am thankful for my friends! I would not have even this small sliver of sanity that I somehow manage to hold on to without them! So, thanks girls!! xoxoxo

Excited to get my passport and spend yet another guaranteed fab weekend away with a very good friend!!! :D Also greatly anticipating saturday night out w/ my girls for C's bachelorette party...expecting nothing less than a BLAST!

In love with my spiked coffee right now!!! What? Who drinks coffee at 11 o'clock at night?? I do...when it's spiked! ;)

Going to bed night ya'll!