Thursday, November 5, 2009

My heart is sad...

Today has been a sad day for me along with the rest of the nation watching in horror as the events unfolded at Fort Hood. My heart simply aches for the families and for the people who lost their lives today. I can't imagine the bravery it takes to be a soldier or a soldiers family for that matter. I stand in awe daily at the fact that there are people out there living lives I can't even imagine and I'm thankful for all they do to make sure our freedoms stay in tact and our safety is guaranteed. So it seems painfully ironic that these people died today at the hand of a fellow soldier and on our own land.
I admit that I NEVER watch the news...ever! I would be a walking ball of anxiety and I don't fancy doing that to myself. But today when a friend told me to turn on the news I was glued to the tv. I sat there folding clothes going, "" and shaking my head in does someone do this? Every one's asking WHY? Sure that's a valid question...why would someone do this?? What's the motive? But what I don't understand is HOW. How does someone get to a place where human life is insignificant...easily disposable? Granted this is coming from a girl who doesn't want her kids torturing bugs and who never grew up around hunting and who gets nauseous (literally) if she has to hold a gun or be in the presence of fighting or aggression. I'm a woman...I'm a lover...I'm a mother! I GIVE life and I VALUE people and it is so beyond my wildest imagination how some people don't. (side note just, for clarification...I don't have a problem w/ people who have guns or who hunt or even torture bugs's just not my thing)
I'm just sad...and in a perfect world all those men and women could come home and be with their families for good and there wouldn't be a need for a military at all. We obviously don't live in even a sliver of a perfect till then I can pray and support in whatever ways possible and hug my kids a little tighter and be thankful for every good thing we DO have.
All that being said...let us not forget that this war has been going on for years. And if not this one then the one before it and the one before that one and so on. Just because we can't imagine it or because we don't watch the news doesn't mean it's not reality! I'm speaking mostly to myself here but I really think alot of people have a very detached thinking when it comes to this subject. Because it is honestly easier not to think about it. People die EVERY day over there fighting for our country...fighting for their lives in time spent if not in death. Giving up seeing their babies being born or all the little firsts that happen in that first year...missing birthdays and Christmases and games and holiday recitals at school...everything that I end up taking for granted on a daily basis. None of that is really a revelation. But I think writing it down and acknowledging it adds a sort of validation for what they do and how much they give up for our country. All my prayers and thoughts and gratitude go out to every person out there who has made and is making that sacrifice for us...thank you!!

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